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Spinel Oval

Spinel Oval


Parcel type: Cut & Polished 

Collection: Exclusive Gemstones

Type: Spinel     

Treatment: None 

Origin: Myanmar    

Dimension: 10.4 x 8.82 x 4.6 mm 

Weight: 3.18 ct 

Shape: Oval       

Color: Orangy Red        

Colorgrade: Vivid  

Clarity: Loupe Clean    

Unit price: $ 2,000.00

Total Price: $ 6,360.00

Lab Report:

*Lab reports can be asked up upon request 

Gemstone clarity scale:

Loupe clean: Free of inclusions, internally flawless. 

Eye clean: No imperfection visible to the unaided eye. 

Eye clean 2: Minor inclusions, slightly visible to the unaided eye. 

Inclusion: Easily noticeable inclusions, apparent to the unaided eye.

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