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Premacut has been known to provide the highest quality calibrated gemstones for the Swiss watch industry and is now proposing you to take advantage of our experience from today onward.


You will be able to order from a range of commercial, eye clean to loupe clean gems in any size colour and shapes and will be delivered to you in luxurious and secured boxes to protect the quality of your purchase.


Should you have a specific request that may not be seen in the pages of our website, feel free to contact us to receive a quotation about our cutting charges and cutting diagrams.


Gemstone clarity scale:

Loupe clean: Free of inclusions, internally flawless. 

Eye clean: No imperfection visible to the unaided eye. 

Eye clean 2: Minor inclusions, slightly visible to the unaided eye. 

Inclusion: Easily noticeable inclusions, apparent to the unaided eye.

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